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Interactive NPS survey


By implementing an interactive NPS survey in emails, mailix is setting new standards in the field of customer feedback. This use case shows how direct feedback enriches email marketing and provides deeper insights into customer needs.


Known for its advanced email marketing and marketing automation solutions, Elaine was looking for a way to effectively measure and improve customer satisfaction. The requirement for mailix was clear: to develop a direct and interactive feedback tool that would not only generate accurate data, but also encourage customer interaction and engagement.


One of the main challenges was to design a survey that was intuitive and easy to use, while providing comprehensive feedback without tiring the user. It also needed to provide tangible value to participants in order to significantly increase the response rate.


mailix developed an interactive NPS survey that was seamlessly integrated into the emails. Customers were able to express their satisfaction with just one click. When selecting certain ratings, they were also asked to provide detailed feedback in a text box. A key benefit of this integration was that all feedback was stored directly in Elaine’s email system. This eliminated the need for an external survey tool and the data was immediately available for analysis and future marketing campaigns. This made it possible to target and improve the customer experience based on the feedback. In addition, participation was incentivised through an environmental campaign where a tree was planted for every piece of feedback received. The implementation required close collaboration between the IT and marketing departments to ensure optimal functionality on different devices and email clients, with a focus on usability and design.
With this innovative interactive NPS survey, mailix and Elaine are setting new standards for the use of email marketing to increase customer loyalty and improve customer communication. The direct integration into the email system greatly simplifies the collection and analysis of feedback and shows how companies can use creative solutions to sustainably optimise interaction with their customers.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Increase response rate
  • Increase customer retention through direct feedback
  • Improve product and service quality through targeted customer feedback
  • Save resources by eliminating the need for an external survey tool
  • Make a positive impact on the environment by planting a tree for every participant
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