the interactive email service

Choose to communicate with your customers through cool, interactive emails! Reduce clicks – improve convenience – foster engagement – boost performance on your best emails.

Choose to communicate with your customers through cool, interactive emails! Reduce clicks – improve convenience – foster engagement – boost performance on your best emails.


The best interactive email services

InMail shop for direct order with shopping cart info

Ideal for direct product order in the email
Select quantity, size, colours – cart info in the email
Small number of products for promotions and special offers
Two digits uplift in conversion
Plug-ins into shop technology

InMail advent calendar for quick raffle registration

Ideal for building a multi-trigger event (peak or countdown)
Fit for lead generation and retention campaigns
Dynamic loading of content when opening email
Raffle registration form within the email
Gamification effect for the campaign

InMail survey for high response rate without media break

Survey within the email, no landing page
Shows first question only, unfolds the rest thereafter
Fewer bounces due to consistent survey basket – no media break
Better convenience can trigger conversion by >50%
Progress bar and slider can be integrated

InMail menu plan for easy info on your favourite restaurant

Aggregated data in the email; select various options
Choose restaurant and week day for display of menus
Banner images for individual restaurant promotion
Interface to IT tools required for selection and transfer of data
Element of a multi-channel campaign for maximum reach

We are Mailix.
Join us for the interactive email revolution!

Mailix provides interactive emails with real added value! The complete purchase is now handled directly within the email, eliminating steps and media breaks, for a better conversion rate. Forget the classic way from the mail teaser to the landing page. Now you can have the landing page integrated in the email. What happens in Mailix, stays in Mailix!

Mailix is a service and trademark by We are CRM, email, marketing automation!




Improve conversion

Because consumers can now interact with your content inside the email, the bounce rate is reduced and the impulse purchase is improved. This also means a better return on investment.

Reduce costs

You can now create a landing page right in the email with no need for a separate LP. That will reduce your costs AND bring you more conversions.

Push engagement

With fewer clicks, unfoldable emails and no media breaks to the destination, the pleasure of lingering remains. This increases user engagement.

Increase relevance

More content directly in the email and direct access without technology breaks will simply grab consumers’ attention and make it more relevant.

Extend reach

Thanks to the adaptation of the emails to most operating systems, clients and mail providers, this email reaches 80% of users, including Apple, Gmail AMP.

Revive the joy of email

Take emails to another level and bring the joy of receiving a digital message back! Technology has never been easier to use!

Key Performance Indicators

Direct order revenue through microshop
Conversion in interactive survey
Event registration with pre-populated form

How does it work?

Mailix creates your interactive email
Mailix captures your recepient’s action
Mailix transfers user data to your systems


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