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Interactive email

Turn emails into

Get more opens, clicks and conversions with the #1 interactive email platform. Integrate landing pages directly into your emails.

Discover the power of mailix directly in your inbox.

Drive engagement and sales by making emails truly interactive.

Improve conversion

Get consumers to interact with your content within the email. Reduce bounce rates, increase impulse purchases, and improve your return on investment.

Reduce costs

Create a landing page directly in the email without the need for a separate LP. Move from print to inmail app. Reduce your costs AND increase conversions.

Push engagement

Increase user engagement by reducing user clicks and eliminating media disruption, as well as offering inmail personalisation filters. 

Increase relevance

Grab consumers’ attention and make your content more relevant by putting content directly in the email and making it accessible without technology disruptions.

Extend reach

Reach 80% of users, including Apple, Gmail AMP thanks to the adaptation of the emails to most operating systems, clients and mail providers.

Gather data and insights

Zero and first-party data is complemented by filtering options for behavioral profiling and by recipient consent in  accordance with data protection requirements.

Key Performance Indicators


More direct order revenue through microshop


More conversions in interactive survey


More event registrations with inmail form


increase in traffic through inmail micro-apps


Growth in clicks on weekly special offers


Higher sales through micro-app segmentation filter



How is mailix being integrated?
mailix can be integrated in three ways: by copying and pasting code, via an API or via your marketing cloud. It's worth noting that mailix is designed to complement, not replace, your existing marketing technology tools by providing additional code to use.
Do I need to check with legal / GDPR?
It's advisable to consult your legal department when using mailix. However, as mailix delivers HTML codes that are integrated into your marketing tools, mailix does not interact directly with your databases. All activities are managed within your own server or IT environment.
What is the cost structure for mailix?
mailix offers flexible pricing tailored to the needs of your specific use case. Costs vary depending on the size and complexity of your requirements and typically include a subscription fee and possibly a customisation fee.
How many customers does mailix have?
mailix serves a global customer base across all languages and industries. Any company with a large customer base and email communication will find the mailix solution beneficial. mailix interactive email widgets overcome language barriers, making them universally applicable.
Email can do a lot, what’s your preferred methodology to start a project?

mailix follows a phased approach: crawl, walk, run. mailix starts by identifying quick wins to demonstrate value, which can be seen as early as one week into the project using mailix widgets. Over time, mailix explores more complex opportunities, known as walk or run use cases, to incrementally improve email engagement.

Find your Price Plan

Help us personalize our recommendations for you.

from € 1200 subscription per year

Price depending on contacts
Setup fee applies

Crawl use cases include:

  • Rating & review
  • NPS survey
  • Content switch & expander
  • Interactive consent widget
  • Countdown timer
  • Tab & accordion view
from € 2400 subscription per year

Price depending on contacts
Setup fee applies

Walk use cases include:

  • All Crawl use cases
  • Extended NPS & rating
  • Feed based product rendering
  • Registration / appointment booking
  • Dynamic loyalty vouchers
  • Advanced video integration
upon Request subscription per year

Price depending on contacts
Setup fee applies

Run use cases include:

  • All Crawl & Walk use cases
  • Custom elements for survey & ratings
  • Inmail shop
  • Advent calendar
  • Individually tailored use cases
  • Custom data driven components

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