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Interactive memory game


An interactive memory game in your email that not only entertains but also rewards. Fully implemented with HTML and CSS, it challenges you to find pairs and unlock an exclusive voucher code. An exciting experience delivered straight to your inbox.


Our goal at mailix was to revolutionise interaction in emails and create real added value for users. We decided to develop an interactive memory game where users not only have fun, but can also win a voucher if they complete the game successfully. The aim was to increase user engagement and offer a fresh alternative to the familiar email interactions.


The main challenge was to integrate a fully functional and engaging interactive memory game into an email without having to resort to JavaScript or other advanced web technologies, as this is not technically possible in an email. A solution had to be found that would work on all email clients and provide a flawless gaming experience.


The interactive memory game was implemented using only HTML and CSS to ensure broad compatibility and a smooth gaming experience. The game was strategically designed to display a coupon code upon successful completion to incentivise and further drive engagement. This direct reward within the email ensures a seamless transition from game action to potential conversion. Through careful planning and design, we were able to create an engaging and user-friendly game that encourages users to interact and gives them an immediate sense of achievement.
This innovative approach allows us to increase user engagement in a fun and valuable way. The interactive memory game proves that email can be more than just a message – it can be a fun and rewarding interactive experience. Through the creative use of HTML and CSS, mailix offers a technically sophisticated yet user-friendly solution that redefines the way we think about email interaction.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Significant increase in user engagement
  • Increased conversion rate through vouchers
  • Positive feedback and increased brand loyalty
  • Independence from external gamification tools
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