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Car configurator


Immerse yourself in the future of automotive marketing: the interactive car configurator directly in the email sets new standards in personalised customer communication. Find out how an innovative solution increases user engagement by allowing them to playfully configure their own car within the email, without any media break.


As a pioneer in the field of email marketing, mailix wanted to demonstrate its expertise and innovative strength with a showcase. The focus was on demonstrating the possibilities of interactive email content and how such concepts can revolutionise user interaction and customer loyalty. As an example project, an interactive car configurator for electric vehicles was developed to demonstrate the increase in engagement and conversion rates through personalised and dynamic email content.
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The main challenge was to create an interactive and user-friendly tool that seamlessly integrated complex configuration options and detailed product information without compromising performance or user experience. The tool also needed to integrate with existing email marketing strategies to enable direct interaction in the customer’s inbox.


Initially, we focused on designing an intuitive interface that allows users to select different vehicle models, colours and features. By integrating high-resolution images and a 3D view, users can view their configurations from different perspectives and gain a detailed insight into the selected options.
In parallel, we worked on the implementation of the range calculator, which calculates the estimated range of the configured electric car based on various factors such as speed, outside temperature and air conditioning use. This functionality required the development of complex algorithms to deliver realistic results and provide users with valuable information for their purchase decision.
To integrate the tool into email marketing campaigns, we used interactive email technologies that allow recipients to interact with the configurator directly in their inbox. This not only increases user interaction, but also increases time spent and engagement with the emails. The strategic placement of call-to-action elements significantly increases click-through and conversion rates.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Increase user interaction in emails
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve customer retention through personalised interaction
  • Gain valuable insights through user data from the configuration process when stored in the email tool
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