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Outfit configurator


With the mailix outfit configurator, users experience a new dimension of interaction in fashion e-commerce. The tool makes it possible to interactively assemble complete outfits within an email, changing and simplifying online shopping.


mailix set out to take the digital shopping experience to a new level. With the outfit configurator, we wanted to establish an innovative feature not only in the fashion sector, but also in all areas of e-commerce that simplifies the shopping process, improves the customer experience and increases the conversion rate.


A key challenge was to develop a solution that could be applied beyond the confines of fashion e-commerce. A flexible and user-friendly solution had to be created that would integrate products from different categories and allow interactive configuration within the email to provide users with a seamless and efficient shopping experience.


The implementation of the outfit configurator in our email campaigns is a technical feat that allows users to interactively create outfits directly in their inbox. At the heart of this feature is a user-friendly interface that allows customers to choose from a range of fashion items defined in the email delivery system. This selection includes tops, shorts & skirts and shoes, with each item listed with its price. Users can view, select and combine items individually, with the basket total updated in real time to show the total cost of the outfit. A particular highlight is the ability to add the entire outfit to the basket with a single click and receive a discount if applicable.
The technical implementation was achieved by seamlessly integrating the product feed into the email distribution system via an interface that allows flexible maintenance and updating of the product range. By using CRM data, we can also offer individual customisations, such as special discounts for previous non-customers or taking into account data-based preferences. This personalised approach makes it possible to respond to users’ preferences and past purchasing behaviour, increasing the relevance of offers.
Users benefit from a simplified and efficient shopping experience, supported by direct interaction in the email client. The innovative design of the outfit configurator allows customers to assemble their desired outfit in just a few clicks and add it to their shopping basket without leaving their inbox. This direct and interactive shopping option takes the customer experience to a new level and significantly increases the conversion rate.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve the efficiency and usability of the shopping process
  • Personalise the shopping experience based on user data
  • Increased probability of cross-selling
  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Applicable to different e-commerce sectors
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