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Appointment by email


Simplify scheduling directly from email. Our solution makes it possible to select locations and efficiently schedule appointments without leaving the email environment. A seamless process for businesses and customers.


In today’s fast-paced business world, we were looking for a way to simplify the appointment booking process for our customers. Our goal was to create a seamless and efficient process that would allow users to book appointments directly within their email environment. We wanted to avoid external booking systems and provide a solution that was easy to understand and accessible.


The main challenge was to develop an intuitive and efficient solution for booking appointments by email. It needed to allow users to select the location/branch, available slots and provide contact details – all in a single email.


We have developed an interactive version of the booking of appointments by email, which is divided into a number of sections and guides the user step by step through the booking process. Initially, only the locations/branches are displayed. After selecting a location, the date and time selection section opens. The user can then enter their contact details and send the request. Appointments are booked directly via the interactive email, avoiding media disruption. The appointment is automatically saved in both the booking system and the email sending system. The sender automatically receives an appointment confirmation email based on the data stored in the email sending system.
The solution is self-explanatory and therefore highly efficient. By connecting to popular appointment management systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar or IBM Domino, we have integrated the ability to update the availability of appointments in real time. This makes it possible to display available appointments and automatically generate bookings.
Overall, this new appointment by email booking service provides an innovative solution that simplifies the process while creating a seamless user experience. By integrating with the existing email distribution system and scheduling tool, it provides an efficient alternative to traditional booking systems.

KPIs & Benefits

  • No media break at all
  • No external booking system required
  • Self-explanatory UX
  • High efficiency
  • Dynamic adaptation of appointment availability
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