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A showcase that allows email recipients to personalise content or interests through simple interaction directly in the email. This innovative approach takes user engagement to a new level by providing users with a personalised content experience while storing their interests and relevant topics in the email delivery system.


Inspired by the vision of taking email marketing to a new level, mailix initiated the development of the Email content toggle. The aim was to create an interactive feature that allows recipients to personalise content directly in their inbox. At the same time, the sender collects valuable data about his email recipients for interest-based marketing. The email content toggle plays a central role in this by enabling this interactive and personalised experience.


The main challenge was to create a feature that not only grabs the attention of the recipients, but also allows them to actively and playfully define their interests so that they only see content that is relevant to them. A key focus was to leverage these interactions for future, more targeted marketing campaigns.


The implementation of the email content toggle begins with a rather rhetorical question, to which the recipient can respond with a toggle switch in the email. When the toggle is activated, the following content changes: The introductory text disappears, replaced by an animation and a tag cloud. By selecting topics of interest from the tag cloud, the recipient is presented with relevant content that leads to blog articles, use case documents or other possible landing pages. This dynamic customisation of content is designed to motivate recipients to interact with the email and increase the number of clicks on the topics offered.
A key element of this innovation is the storage of interactive user interactions directly in the email. The tags selected by recipients are stored directly in the email delivery system, providing the sender with accurate information about the user’s preferences. This information is essential for designing future campaigns that are even more tailored to users’ individual needs.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Increase user interaction through gamification effect
  • Stronger user loyalty through interactive content directly in the email
  • Customised content based on user preferences
  • Collection of interest data for targeted and user-relevant marketing campaigns
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