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Interactive email questionnaire


Discover how the Interactive Email Questionnaire is revolutionising feedback collection. By integrating questions directly into emails, it simplifies the response process and increases engagement without being intrusive. This innovative approach can replace the traditional survey on the landing page.


At mailix, we are committed to optimising response rates to feedback requests for our customers with the interactive email questionnaire. Given the limitations of traditional feedback methods, we were looking for a way to improve the feedback experience and significantly increase response rates. With such low involvement mailings, any way to increase engagement is extremely important.


The traditional approach to feedback requests (invitation – link – landing page) was often perceived as disruptive and uninviting, resulting in low engagement rates. The interactive email survey was developed as a solution to provide users with an easy and engaging way to provide feedback directly in their email inbox. The challenge was to create an interactive and engaging environment that would allow users to express their opinions effectively and directly.


To overcome these challenges, mailix developed the interactive email questionnaire as an innovative solution that allows the first question of a survey to be integrated into the email directly after the intro. Users can provide their answers directly in the email, with each answer automatically fading into the next question. This promotes seamless and uninterrupted engagement, increases response rates and significantly improves the user experience.
The integration of different question types such as single selection, multiple selection, rating sliders, free text answers and the selection of images or icons made the interactive email questionnaire not only more interactive, but also more adaptable to different feedback needs. The visual design of each survey was carefully tailored to ensure a consistent user experience while reinforcing the client’s brand identity.
The interactive email questionnaire has proven to be an effective tool in overcoming traditional feedback management challenges, improving engagement rates and generating higher quality and quantity of user feedback.
The collected data can be transferred via an API to any client system for further processing.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Increase survey completion by up to 75% over traditional survey emails by redirecting to a survey tool on a landing page
  • Engage users without media disruption
  • Improve user interaction and satisfaction
  • Gain higher quality feedback through a variety of response options
  • Store individual responses directly in the email delivery tool
  • Transfer collected data to any client system via API
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