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Membership rewards redemption


An innovative UX approach by mailix enables AMEX cardholders to convert their loyalty points into Swiss Airline miles directly in their inbox. This customised campaign is characterised by user-friendly features and impressive results. See how effective customer loyalty works through membership rewards redemption.


The challenge was to find an attractive and simple way for customers to redeem the loyalty points they had collected over time. Strict data protection and security regulations for banks had to be adhered to. The aim was to reduce the number of loyalty points that often go unused and become a financial burden for the provider. As part of a time-limited promotional campaign, an attractive conversion rate for converting points into miles was to be offered in order to maximise the redemption rate.


For compliance and security reasons, it was not possible to process customer data on the website. In addition, the rewards shop did not offer the option of offering temporary conversion rates for membership rewards redemption. These restrictions made it difficult to address customers directly and flexibly via the central channel.


To solve this problem, we developed an interactive email that allowed users to convert their points into award miles directly in their inbox. The email contained three descriptive standard packages and additionally and individually offered the option to choose a customised amount with a maximum conversion limit of 300,000 points at the promotional rate offered. For amounts above this, the standard conversion rate applied.
Both the personal points available and the customer’s own frequent flyer programme account were included in the email. This allowed the entire process up to the initiation of the selected transaction to be played out in the email.
The desired amount was selected using a slider element in the email and after the selection the user was shown the corresponding miles, with a detailed breakdown if required. Before the user could confirm the transaction, they had to agree to the special redemption conditions, which could be done directly in the email via a checkbox and expandable terms and conditions.
This campaign not only increased customer loyalty through a highly relevant offer, but also reduced the provider’s financial obligations. The technical implementation required close collaboration between our IT and email marketing experts and the client-side experts to ensure a seamless and secure user experience that also met the highest data protection requirements.
The campaign targeted 4,500 AMEX cardholders, including holders of the exclusive Centurion card. The ability to redeem the maximum 300,000 points proved particularly popular, demonstrating a high level of user acceptance of more complex email features.
The success of this membership rewards redemption campaign demonstrates that interactivity works not only in large-scale mailings, but also in low-volume, high-relevance campaigns.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Open rate: 65%
  • Campaign conversion rate: 11.78%! This is an unprecedented level.
  • Average redemption rate: 300,000 points, demonstrating the popularity of the maximum conversion option
  • Elimination of the passive points balance, resulting in a significant reduction in financial provisions for the merchant
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalised and interactive communication
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