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Interactive webinar feedback


We at mailix are setting new standards with our concept of the interactive webinar feedback. This innovative method makes it possible to collect feedback on webinars directly and without the use of external survey tools.


Our aim was to develop a more efficient and direct way of collecting feedback from interactive webinars. We wanted to design the feedback process so that attendees could provide feedback immediately after the webinar, without having to leave the email environment. The main focus was to create an uninterrupted experience that made the process as easy as possible for users.


The challenge was to implement a solution that could be seamlessly integrated into the email communication, while ensuring a high level of usability. A key element was to design the interactive webinar feedback in a way that would overcome technical barriers and be widely accepted by recipients.


To achieve this goal, we at mailix have developed an advanced interactive webinar feedback widget. This innovative solution allows recipients to provide feedback directly in the email environment. Built using the latest technologies in HTML and CSS, this widget guarantees a flawless display and optimal user experience across a wide range of email clients.
By automatically capturing feedback directly in our email sending tool, the data can be immediately analysed and acted upon for further insight. This innovative approach underlines the importance of direct feedback in the ongoing optimisation of our webinar content. Integrating the feedback process directly into the follow-up email not only significantly increases participation, but also provides valuable perspectives for fine-tuning and improving future webinar offerings.
This strategic innovation increases participant engagement and satisfaction by giving them a direct voice in the improvement process. This will help to improve the quality and relevance of our webinars and enable us to tailor our offerings more closely to the needs and interests of our target audience.

KPIs & Benefits

  • No media disruption: The direct submission of interactive webinar feedback via email encourages a high response rate.
  • No need for external survey tools: Reduces additional cost and complexity.
  • Direct individual storage of feedback: Enables efficient evaluation and quick implementation of improvements.
  • Optimise future webinars: By analysing feedback, webinars can be tailored even more closely to the needs of participants.
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