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Interactive opt-in widget


With the interactive opt-in widget, BMW is setting new standards in the digital collection of customer consent for email communications. This innovative widget enables a seamless and GDPR-compliant consent process directly in the email, allowing BMW to significantly improve the user experience and increase the consent rate.


In order to comply with strict GDPR regulations, BMW was faced with the challenge of developing an efficient method of obtaining consent from its email subscribers. The solution not only had to be legally compliant, but also improve the user experience and make the process as simple as possible for users.


The traditional method of directing users to an external landing page for consent was neither efficient nor user-friendly. It required significant technical effort and often resulted in low conversion rates. BMW needed a solution that would work directly in the email without redirecting users to an external page.


mailix developed a customised interactive opt-in widget for BMW that was seamlessly integrated into email campaigns and allowed recipients to give their consent directly in the email with just one click. The widget contained all the necessary privacy information and consent checkboxes in a clear and user-friendly format. Using advanced web technologies such as HTML and CSS, a dynamic form was created that automatically adapted to the user’s interactions and permissions already granted.
The entire campaign consisted of six carefully planned emails sent automatically over a 3-4 week period. Each email was designed to take users through the consent process step by step, from the initial request for consent to reminders and thank you messages when consent was granted. This structured approach ensured a high level of user interaction and significantly improved consent rates.
The innovative implementation of the widget directly in the email eliminated the need for redirection to external landing pages and additional interfaces. This significantly reduced the implementation effort and associated costs. The use of identical HTML code in all emails and dynamic content adaptation also helped to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

The entire campaign was rolled out across seven countries in local languages, using the ELAINE marketing automation platform for seamless and automated execution. This enabled a fully automated process and ensured consistent campaign management across different markets and languages.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Increased opt-in rate
  • Significant reduction in administrative and technical effort
  • GDPR compliance through direct consent in the email
  • Improved user experience thanks to simple and quick consent option
  • Automation and standardisation of the process across different countries and brands
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