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Customer profiling through contest


Sympany has improved the fine-tuning of its target group approach with a specially developed competition for customer segmentation. By clicking on the desired prize, the recipient tells the company which target group he or she belongs to. This is the basis for a targeted, individual approach in follow-up communication.


Sympany was faced with the challenge of increasing the effectiveness of new customer acquisition while maintaining a personal touch. The task was to develop an innovative solution that would not only attract potential customers, but also directly identify and categorise their needs.


The key challenge was to extract high quality leads from the large number of contacts generated and segment them to enable a personalised and targeted approach.


The implementation of the email marketing strategy for Sympany was characterised by innovative approaches to customer segmentation and loyalty. At its heart was an interactive competition specifically designed to target families and collect valuable data for precise segmentation. The competition for customer segmentation was integrated directly into the email campaign, which not only significantly increased the participation rate, but also avoided media breaks and optimised the user experience.
Allowing participants to choose from a range of prizes tailored to the different needs and interests of families provided valuable insights. This strategic approach effectively segmented participants into different segments based on the age groups of their children. This step was critical in personalising and tailoring subsequent communications.
Segmentation was followed by targeting the defined clusters with tailored content and offers. Specific messages and offers were developed for each segment, tailored to their interests and needs. This personalised approach led to a significantly higher engagement rate and increased customer loyalty.
In addition, the entire competition for customer segmentation process was carefully analysed and optimised to continuously improve the effectiveness of the campaign. The data and insights gained were used to further personalise the approach and maximise the relevance of the content to recipients.
The combination of interactive email, precise segmentation and personalised approach formed the basis of the campaign’s success. It not only enabled efficient new customer acquisition, but also deepened customer loyalty through relevant and engaging content.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Optimised UX with interactive emails without media breaks
  • Segment-specific targeting of potential new customers
  • Behavioural segmentation of leads
  • Increase engagement and conversion rates
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