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Digitalised loyalty vouchers


The transition to digital vouchers poses challenges for many providers of loyalty programmes. Amavita has mastered this transition with an innovative solution from mailix that simplifies the management and redemption of digitalised loyalty vouchers without losing personal contact.


The pharmacy chain Amavita used to handle its Starcard loyalty programme with physical vouchers, which resulted in high costs and administration. The aim was to digitise this process to increase efficiency and customer friendliness, especially as the average age of Starcard members is over 55. The introduction of digitalised loyalty vouchers was intended to facilitate this transition.


A key challenge was to gain customer acceptance for the digital switch and to ensure that the digital solution was intuitive and easy to use for the target group. In addition, a solution had to be found that took into account different customer preferences for storing and redeeming loyalty vouchers.


Together with mailix, Amavita developed an interactive email system that allows Starcard members to manage their digitalised loyalty vouchers directly in the email. The solution included three main options for storing the vouchers:
  • In the mailbox for easy handling,
  • In the wallet app for mobile redemption and
  • As a printable version for those who prefer a physical copy.
The emails contain barcodes and QR codes that can be scanned in-store, as well as a button to redeem the vouchers interactively in the Amavita online shop. This innovative solution allows customers to manage and redeem their vouchers at their convenience, significantly improving the customer experience.
The system was implemented via a centralised marketing automation system, which enabled seamless integration with Amavita’s existing CRM. This led to significant efficiency gains and cost savings by eliminating the need to physically mail vouchers. The solution also helped to increase the target group’s acceptance of digital solutions through its simple and intuitive use.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Improve user experience and customer satisfaction using digitalised loyalty vouchers
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for physical mailing
  • Increase efficiency by automating the loyalty programme
  • Improve data quality and availability for targeted marketing
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