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Interactive menu newsletter

SV Group

With the interactive menu newsletter, the SV Group delivers its fresh and varied menus directly to the email inboxes of guests in its company restaurants. This gives the supplier direct access to consumers. Guests can navigate through their restaurant’s weekly menus with a single click, day after day, without having to go via external media.


The SV Group was faced with the challenge of communicating the menus of its more than 320 restaurants efficiently and effectively. The aim was to find a solution that would allow the current weekly menus to be presented in an interactive, user-friendly email that took into account individual preferences and different language versions.


The main challenge was to develop a user-friendly and efficient solution capable of processing dynamic menu data from the SV Group’s ERP system in real time and displaying it in an interactive newsletter format. Another challenge was to integrate flexible language selection and easy management of subscriptions for multiple restaurants. 


To solve these challenges, we developed an interactive menu newsletter that pulls menu data directly from SV Group’s ERP system via an API. The menus are updated daily or weekly and displayed in the newsletter individually for each restaurant. The user can choose between different restaurants in advance and have the corresponding menu newsletter sent to them. The banner images for each restaurant’s promotions are also retrieved via the API and presented in the interactive menu newsletter using an interactive slider. The fact that the language of the newsletter is independent of the language of the menus allows a broader target group to be reached, while a defined fallback ensures that the content is available even if the menus have not yet been finalised at the time of sending. The quality of the list was improved through address validation and a re-opt-in campaign, resulting in more efficient communication and higher response rates.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Seamless UX: Interactive emails for seamless navigation without media breaks
  • Real-time content: Content is updated in real-time when the email is opened.
  • Customisation: Personalised menus for over 320 restaurants
  • Unique branding: Individual design for each restaurant
  • ERP integration: Always up-to-date menu data thanks to direct connection
  • Operational efficiency: Improved data flow and address quality
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