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Segment-based product filtering


With the integration of comprehensive segment-based product filtering directly into emails, AIDA is transforming targeted customer communications. This advanced approach uses specific criteria to create a customised dialogue, tailoring travel and cruise offers to the most relevant opportunities for each recipient. In addition, the insights gained from this process enable AIDA to improve its customer profiling and behavioural analysis.


AIDA was faced with the challenge of presenting its wide range of cruises more effectively in its regular newsletters. The limitation of a limited number of presentable offers and the lack of detailed user segmentation required an innovative solution. The aim was to offer a wider range of products in a more targeted way, tailored to the individual interests of the recipients.


The main challenge was to give users an intuitive choice without compromising the clarity and usability of the email communication. The goal was to increase user interaction and engagement, as well as significantly improve conversion rates.


In implementing segment-based product filtering for AIDA, mailix followed a comprehensive strategy to create an interactive and personalised user experience in the email newsletters.

  1. By embedding four high-resolution images at the top of each email, a visual representation of possible destinations was created that immediately caught the recipient’s attention. The recipient clicked on a destination.
  2. This was followed by three images in the email showing travel behaviour as an individual, couple or family. The subsequent interaction led to a precise presentation of 2 to 4 customised cruise offers. This customisation of content based on user choice enabled a more personalised and engaging communication.
  3. A carousel for each product with 5 to 8 images ensured that users got a deep insight into each offer, significantly increasing the attractiveness and information density of the email campaigns.

The technological and functional implementation of these innovative features required close collaboration between the teams of designers, developers and marketing experts to ensure flawless integration with the existing email infrastructure while maintaining high usability and performance.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Increased bookings by 60% using the interactive email option
  • Personalisation of the extensive offer via regions and behavioural filters
  • Increase user interaction through personalised content
  • Increase offer impressions and product views
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