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Discover how REWE tackles the challenges of digitising a crucial business process with an interactive product panel, a micro-app provided by mailix. This innovative feature provides customers with an intuitive and interactive means of exploring personalised offers while also contributing to the environment unconsciously.


REWE faced the challenge of finding an environmentally friendly digital solution to address customers after the abolition of printed advertising flyers. The goal was to develop an innovative strategy to advertise a variety of products in an email micro-app without clutter or long loading times. The objective was to develop a solution that would attract the customer’s interest while also showcasing REWE’s dedication to sustainability.


The main challenge was to create a digital solution that could replace printed flyers while meeting modern customer demands for speed and interactivity. The format needed to present a lot of product information in a compact way and encourage user engagement.


The creation of the interactive product panel for REWE by mailix, designed as a micro-app, was a significant advancement in digital customer communication. The process started with a comprehensive analysis of customer needs and digital usage patterns to ensure that the solution was not only innovative but also user-friendly and effective. A team of designers, developers, and marketing experts from different disciplines worked closely together to seamlessly integrate into REWE’s email marketing strategy.
The relevance of the information was determined in two stages by sending an email to all recipients.
  • Firstly, using the postcode, only the products that were on offer in their nearest shop (out of a total of 4500) for the current week were loaded for the recipient.
  • Secondly, the user was able to personalise more than 40 products by selecting specific product categories such as top offers, fruit & vegetables, fresh & chilled, for stock, drinks, frozen and dairy products. This was achieved by clicking on the corresponding tile for a maximum of six products that were directly relevant to the recipient. As a result, the offer funnel was optimally personalised.e
The interactive product panel, created as a micro app, enables users to navigate through different product categories with ease using an intuitive and responsive interface. This navigation imitates tab behaviour, allowing users to switch between offers effortlessly. The design pays particular attention to mobile optimisation, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience across all devices.
The technical implementation required the development of a dynamic system capable of extracting and processing real-time data directly from REWE’s ERP system. This guarantees that the information displayed in the interactive product panel is always current and relevant. Automating the process significantly reduces manual effort and enables quick updates and adjustments to respond to market changes or special promotions.
Through close collaboration with REWE, mailix developed a customised solution that not only met the retailer’s specific requirements but also set a new standard for interactivity and user engagement in email newsletters.

KPIs & Benefits

  • Efficient and automated creation of the product panel directly from REWE’s ERP system
  • 15% increase in traffic to the REWE product list
  • Doubled user interaction with the product panel within the first three months
  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction through an improved, interactive shopping experience
  • Additionally, this approach contributes to environmental protection by eliminating flyers and reducing paper consumption while promoting digital solutions
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