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Interactive product reviews


Interactive product reviews are a game changer in the customer feedback culture. They offer brands a direct opportunity to collect valuable customer feedback – easily and directly in the email. This innovative method not only increases customer loyalty, but also customer satisfaction.


Leading clients in the fashion, DIY and furniture industries needed an innovative solution to increase the number and quality of customer reviews. The goal was to create a seamless and engaging review experience that would encourage customers to leave valuable feedback.


The key issues were the low level of customer engagement in the review process and the lack of flexibility of existing review systems, which could not be effectively adapted to different brand identities and product specifications. The existing product reviews that led to a landing page were losing many customers who were ready to respond. This resulted in a mismatch between desired customer interaction and actual feedback.


mailix developed a comprehensive range of interactive product reviews tailored to the needs of each brand. These templates can be used in isolation or seamlessly integrated into existing email marketing campaigns, allowing customers to leave reviews and feedback directly from their inbox. A key benefit is that there is no need to licence additional survey solutions as the review functionality is built directly into the emails.
By implementing a backend system that operates via the mailix API, the review elements can be dynamically adapted to the branding guidelines and specific requirements of each brand. The system supports configuration via JSON, allowing flexible and quick customisation of elements such as rating scales, comment titles and additional feedback options.
In addition, mailix implemented direct storage of ratings in the email dispatch tool for interactive product reviews. This allows all customer feedback to be recorded and analysed centrally, and makes it much easier to analyse and report on customer reviews.
The development of around 200 unique templates for leading global brands provides significant added value for our customers. Based on this expertise, we have created a library of extensible features that allow us to create customised templates with a variety of interactive elements such as drop-down lists and free text fields. The aim was to enable deeper and more detailed customer feedback. Regularly updating these templates via the mailix API ensures that the review experience remains engaging and up to date for end users.

KPIs & Benefits

  • 200% increase in product reviews
  • Increased conversion due to increased convenience due to the lack of a landing page; with such low performance, low engagement applications, ease of use has a very strong impact on the outcome. Every hurdle is an abandonment.
  • Ease of use encourages positive reviews. Only negative reviewers go the extra mile.
  • Increased efficiency through JSON-based element configuration.
  • Provision of ready-to-send HTML templates embedded in JSP templates
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